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NEW: London School of Philosophy

The London School of Philosophy was founded in 2010 by a group of seven friendly and experienced lecturers formerly employed by Birkbeck College, following the drastic reduction of the Birkbeck philosophy Certificate programme.

Our aim is to provide philosophy classes of the highest quality for thoughtful people in the London area. Our courses cover key areas of philosophy in an accessible and professional way.

We are proudly independent and receive no government funding, but by keeping administration costs down, are able to offer our courses at competitive rates.

Founding members and current lecturers at the School are:

Anja Steinbauer, Sam Fremantle, Shahrar Ali, Jane O’Grady, Keith Barrett, Meade McCloughan and Mark Fielding.


I will be teaching the following course:
Philosophy and Literature
Spring Term 2011, Tuesdays, 11am-1pm, ten weeks starting 18th January 2011
Both philosophy and literature represent the world and reflect on it. They inspire us to look critically at issues and they stimulate debate. They clearly belong to different orders, yet converge, overlap and relate to one another in various ways. Can anything be gained philosophically by examining literature? Conversely, does it add to our understanding of literature to look at it from a philosophical point of view? We will discuss these general questions as well as a number of philosophical issues reflected in literature.
Our discussions will be informed by a selection of literary and philosophical texts. The focus this term will be on classical literature. We will use the works of Plato, Sophocles, Euripides and Seneca as a basis for our discussion. We will read these texts alongside Enlightenment and more recent philosophers such as Rousseau, Friedrich Nietzsche, Bernard Williams and Martha Nussbaum.

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